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RFIDdirect has designed an RFID Attendance-logging solution to support small and micro businesses.

A simple to install and use electronic system to register your employees, but also your regular visitors or club-members as they come in and out of your premises. This can provide you, as a business owner, one of the tools to deliver the Duty of Care expected in the COVID-19 era. The system is plug-and-play, all you require is a PC or laptop with a spare USB port.

“Yet again, RFIDdirect have created a solution responding to the problems of now. Even as a small business, it can be difficult to monitor the number of people present in our premises – step forward the A10 Door – a simple cost-effective solution to access-monitoring”.

Delyn Safety’s MD Mike Joy
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The A10Door© system helps you to register attendance accurately in the workplace.

As we all know the current COVID-19 pandemic has meant the most demanding set of circumstances placed on the business world, and most importantly, there now is the necessity and responsibility for business owners, hospitality, service providers and clubs (volunteers) alike, to manage risk for a safe return to work.

RFIDdirect have invested their insider-knowledge in the world of RFID solutions to create A10Door ©. It is specifically aimed at small or micro business to easily collect date and time of entering and leaving the premises of all staff, and potentially visitors or regular guests, issued with the supplied electronic ID-card or key-fob.

Duty of care is placing pressure on the business owner to provide the collation of historical accurate details of those attending work at any one time, enabling the success of NHS Test and Trace should the situation arise. This without tracing through paperwork, but with a simple search button instead.

One clear way for SMEs and micro businesses to adapt to the current climate is by making basic administration tasks digital and easy. This avoids paper trail errors or loss of data; RFIDdirect based their initiative on providing businesses confidence to make instantly available their workplace/return to work attendance data – no matter how the situation progresses.

Order your A10Door© system

The A10Door© system contains:

– USB-stick with the software for your PC or laptop.
– RFID scanner to connect with the USB connector
– The choice of 10 ID-Cards or alternatively 10 ID key-fobs

A10Door Inc 10 White Keyfobs

£ 495 Inc VAT

A10Door Inc 10 White ID-Cards

£ 495  Inc VAT

10 White Keyfobs

£29.95 Inc VAT

10 White ID-Cards

£29.95 Inc VAT

Optional personalisation of the ID-Cards
Printed individual name / logo
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